Pairing of  Caviar and Sparkling Wines

Champagne and caviar.  It’s a pairing as romantic as Romeo and Juliet, as classic as spaghetti with meatballs, and as passionate as chocolates and roses. But rules are meant to be broken.

Saffron Roe Caviar and Aged Cabernet Sauvignon

Glittering like tiny ruby red jewels, this fine-grained artisan infused roe caviar offers subtle notes of earthy root vegetable and floral herb. It’s an excellent partner to the elegant dried cranberry, black tea and leather nuances of a mature, yet elegant Cabernet Sauvignon with bottle age, or fine Bordeaux.

 Ginger Roe Caviar and Elegant Chardonnay

Crafted with fresh Hawaiian ginger, this piquant, golden-orange, slightly spicy roe sparkles on the tongue. The whisper of tingling heat contrasts beautifully with the creamy notes of a round, Burgundy-style Chardonnay. It’s important to choose a Chardonnay that does not have pronounced toasted oak and buttery flavors. The crispness in a non-vintage brut Champagne also makes for a beautiful pairing. Garnish slightly sweeter dishes with this roe for a delicious contrast of flavors.

Truffle Roe and Young Cabernet Sauvignon

The deep, golden brown tones come from a touch of natural vegetable juice, complementing the lush taste and aroma of Italian white truffle. The roe embraces the rich mouth feel of a young Cabernet Sauvignon, made in the balanced style with smooth tannins, higher acidity and lower alcohol. has a subtle forest note interwoven with bold black cherry and blackberry flavors, which highlights the earthiness in the truffle. Old World-style vintages from California producers or reds from classic Bordeaux houses also complement white truffle’s alluring muskiness.

Wasabi Roe and Brut Sparkling Wine, Champagne and Sparkling Sake

There’s a bit of fire to this sumptuous, green roe, infused with fresh wasabi. The creamy fizz of low-dosage brut Sparkling, Champagne and sparkling Sake with some extended aging gentles its pungent, zesty bite. The pairing makes every sip even more brilliant as the heat plays against its dryness and acidity. 

Salmon Roe with Chenin Blanc

Large orange-colored eggs, zesty pop and delightful mouthfeel, North Atlantic Salmon Roe pairs perfectly with zesty fruit-forward Chenin Blanc. The bold citrus flavors of the wine intensify the salinity and freshness of the roe.

Ghost Pepper Caviar

This spicy version of the Bowfin caviar is made with ghost peppers adding spice without a burn.

orleans caviar-infused-roe