Caring for Caviar

The ideal temperature for storing caviar is 28° – 34° to preserve optimal quality. In the unlikely event you will not finish your caviar in one sitting and need to store it, we recommend the remaining caviar should be softly spread flat, taking care to not break any of the eggs, and then covered with plastic wrap pressing down ever so gently on the top so there is no air space between the eggs and the wrap.

orleans caviar storing

Serving Caviar

Allow refrigerated caviar to sit (unopened) at room temperature for 5-10 minutes prior to serving.

Caviar can be enjoyed in numerous ways. For an unadulterated experience use a mother of pearl, tortoise shell, ivory, wood, utensil as the use of metal utensils will make the caviar taste metallic and detract from the caviar’s true essence on your pallet.

Consider serving caviar on blinis with crème fraiche, unsalted kettle chips, in pasta or scrambled eggs. Ways to incorporate caviar and artisan infused roe caviar are endless.

Serving caviar - Orleans Caviar